The ceramics workshop De Blauwe Tulp (The Blue Tulip) has been in operation since 1997 and produces Delftware in a traditional manner. The initially white-baked earthenware pots, bowls and figurines are hand-decorated by the artisan painters. The final craft works are on display at De Blauwe Tulp and can be viewed in the store. All the products originating from De Blauwe Tulp can be recognised by its trademark: a blue tulip pictogram, the initials S.R. and the markers “Delft Holland.” In addition, the initials of the respective painter and the year of manufacturing are also indicated. These markers allow one to recognise the authenticity of the Delftware. With every purchase in the store, a certificate of authenticity will be issued. De Blauwe Tulp can also realise your custom design, for instance a ceramic tile commemorating a birth, marriage, or birthday. You are more than welcome to visit De Blauwe Tulp store where we are pleased to inform you about the interesting history of this exceptional type of earthenware.

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