You can visit De Blauwe Tulp in the centre of Delft, adjacent to the Nieuwe Kerk. De Blauwe Tulp, founded in 1997, is a small ceramics workshop where the famous Delftware is being manufactured in a traditional and handmade fashion. We have an extensive assortment ranging from typical Dutch decorations and motives to modern designs and tailor-made commissions. For instance, you could request specially designed artisan keepsakes or business gifts. We can produce birth tiles and wedding plates, tailored to the customers wishes.

Coinciding with your visit to De Blauwe Tulp, you can see the artisan painters at work, who are preparing and painting the white-baked earthenware with cobalt oxide. The initial black paint changes to the characteristic blue during the firing process in the kiln. This process takes place in a special kiln, subjecting the products to high temperatures. All the products originating from De Blauwe Tulp can be recognised by its trademark: a blue tulip pictogram, the initials S.R. and the markers “Delft Holland.” In addition, the initials of the respective painter and the year of manufacturing are also indicated. These markers allow one to recognise the authenticity of the Delftware. With every purchase in the store, a certificate of authenticity will be issued. De Blauwe Tulp exclusively produces and sells authentic Delftware.
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